Mortal Kombat X: “Casual” Gamers using “Casual” Fighters?

Spamming is frowned upon gaming, especially in fighting games. But what happens when certain characters are created to spam attacks to cater for “casual” gamers on purpose? You get loads of unhappy hardcore gamers. This is the case with Mortal Kombat X. Characters such as Jacqui Briggs and Jax are now popular amongst the “casual” gamers due to their easily executed spamming projectiles. Fans of MK have made numerous videos to name and shame those individuals who would rather be a one trick pony than learn and master their chosen character.


Game Director Ed Boon once posted this reply to an MKX user concerned about Spamming projectiles in MKX

“@ChainsForAlice @noobde please get Projectiles patches. Constantly versing people only who just stand there & spam.

EB: Scorpion teleport! 

This is a very immature and sarcastic response to a perfectly understanding concern. There are about 4 characters that can teleport in the game, does Ed really expect players to choose one of them when confronted with a spammable character? And if that opponent decides to “hide” their character selection, what then? Must we try to guess if we are versing a spammer?

Mortal Kombat X_20150507175259

An accused Jacqui Briggs spammer

NetherRealm Studios were once known for their bad netcode regarding online multiplayer in MK9, but now it seems like they could also be known for their poor character balancing in MKX. Maybe a cooldown nerf is needed for these character’s spammable moves, but it is highly unlikely that you would ever see it since it may discourage “casual” gamers from playing the game…or spending money buying easy fatalities…


Upon doing more research, I have stumbled upon numerous other articles and complaint in relation to the spamming in MKX. Below are links to related subjects:

Author: GameTechWatch


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